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Why Delicious & Wholesome Boxed Lunches?

It's Your Covid-Smart Answer To Food In The Workplace.

When You're Asked To Order Lunch For Everyone At Your Big Meeting Or Office Space, You Want A Fast, Easy Solution. At Attagirl's Special Events Catering, We Offer Delicious Boxed Lunches Brimming With Everyone's Favorite Foods.​ Our box lunches are the ideal way to fuel up everyone on your corporate lunch catering list. Each meal contains homemade items including freshly-made sandwiches, salads and fresh-baked cookies with chips.

At Attagirl's Catering, we insist on using premium ingredients. From our deli meats and cheeses to our delicious fresh-baked cookies, we never skimp on quality. We ensure your dining enjoyment from the first bite to the very last morsel.

Want another reason to appreciate an all-in-one boxed lunch that contains everything in one package? It's a safe way to get food from our kitchen to your business. Never worry about having to handle other people's lunches or opening boxes to figure out what's inside. If you choose, every catered box lunch can be labeled with the recipient's name for maximum peace of mind and convenience.

Order Box Lunch Delivery Right Now! You Can Schedule A Delivery For A Future Date So, We're Flexible, Allowing You To Get The Healthy Choices You Deserve Without Compromise Or Fuss. Just CLICK Below...


This Page Will Offer Some Of Attagirl's Own Delicious 'Cottage' Foods Products And Graze Boxes & Tables. Special Treats From Her Kitchen To You, Our Very-Special Clients! Stay Tuned!

Coming Soon!