Chef Debbie 'Attagirl'  Bivens-Threet, is a Professional Local Chef, Gourmet Home Chef, Cooking Instructor and a Chef 'Cook-off Contestant' First Place Winner in 5 categories. She is also, an accomplished food industry professional in Certified Professional Food Management thru Expert Ratings Global Certifications, ServSafe and The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.

Starting as a young child of 12, with a voracious appetite for party/event planning, cooking/food preparation and presentation, Debbie shadowed the BEST...her mother, the late Dr. Dorothy S. Bivens, who served as the College Hostess for a local college in their hometown, responsible for planning and implementing every social event held for the college.. The Catering & Event Planning for the college President's Receptions, Graduation Receptions, Honorarium Receptions, etc.) all fell under her mother's charge. As her little 'Hostess Assistant' Debbie says "that's when the 'bug' bit me! " Over the years, she continued to master her skills of Special Event Planning & Catering through many, many events for the college with additional culinary educational training and work-related food preparation positions.

Over time, she's become a Professional Home Chef/Caterer & Event Planner who's well-known for her organization, dedication and attention to details in producing and designing fabulous private events for many organizations (Family Reunions, Mardi-Gras Balls, Class Reunions), with great passion and success. Debbie also founded 'Cooking with Attagirl' hands-on instructional cooking classes, teaching her specialty homemade candies and dessert cobblers recipes.

Debbie designed and managed her own successful Catering & Event Planning company, *Attagirl's Special Events, LLC* of North Hollywood, CA., in 2006 (Google it!) and now, she has relocated her 'Attagirl's'  Brand and brings the same professional expertise & passionate creativity to her friends in the greater Westminster (Denver) areas.